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Mole and Wart Removal

Mole and Wart Removal-A Quick Overview on Getting Rid of Moles and Warts

Wart and mole removal are medical procedures which are commonly practiced all over the world, probably thousands of times a day. Moles and warts are, for the most part, quite harmless, and do not often present a risk to your health. They can give rise to cosmetic issues, though, and so it is good to have a grasp of what options are available to us.

One word of warning: while moles and warts are usually harmless, they occasionally turn out to indicate something more serious, particularly moles which appear suddenly. If you ever have an interest in anything to do with your skin, you owe it to yourself to see your doctor without delay.

Now, what are moles and warts?

Moles are dark pigmented spots on the skin. They come in two types. Moles we are born with are almost always completely harmless, are the same size and shape for life, and are often admired as beauty spots. They are normally small and flat, and never cause you any bother.

Moles that appear suddenly are also usually harmless, but you should keep an eye on them. These may be raised above the skin, may grow over time, or change colour. Sometimes these types of moles may bleed. If you see one of these on your body, you should see a doctor. Sometimes a mole like this can be the first sign of skin cancer.

Even in those cases where the mole is safe, its size and shape may make it uncomfortable or a little painful. Due to this reason, you may wish to look at having it removed.

Warts are small infections of the human papilloma virus, and come about through contact with someone who is already infected. Warts are harmless, but you may not like they way they look, especially if they are in the face.

Warts can be anywhere on the body, and can appear in a range of shapes and colours. Plantar warts on the sole are flat and whitish in appearance; facial warts may look more like pimples. Warts may even have hair growing on them!

Kids get warts all the time, and these usually pass very quickly. Adult warts tend to hang around longer, and we may want to get these seen to.

Over the counter medications for warts and moles are readily available. There are also natural remedies of varying effectiveness; your local naturopath will be happy to consult with you on these options.

Laser therapy is one very attractive option for both wart and mole removal. Laser therapy works best if the mole is shallow and small. Deeper moles may require surgery. For warts, however, lasers are pretty useful in most cases.

Cryotherapy is also commonly used for wart and mole removal. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the offending blemish, which usually falls off by itself. Druggists even sell home cryotherapy kits for warts, though these are not always as successful as we would like.

Warts are treatable with a very old fashioned ointment made of salicylic acid in solution with water. Applied directly to the wart, it slowly kills it over a period of weeks. It takes patience, and some people do not like handling the medication. It’s worth a try as it is so cheap.

Finally, surgery is the choice of last resort. Where all else fails, a skilled surgeon can remove moles or warts and a small portion of surrounding skin. There is usually not much scarring to worry about, and most people feel good about having clearer, healthier looking skin.

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