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The Belvoir Property Management 
team believes that the key ingredient for 
real estate investment success is 
superior property management services.
Belvoir takes all of the steps required
to ensure that profitability, productivity
and real estate asset values are

The Belvoir’s estate agents Morley team features an
impressive group of professionals with
decades of combined experience in property

Management Services Include:


If you have bought an investment property in Cebu then within thirty business days of being awarded a property management contract, Belvoir will submit a detailed management plan to the owner outlining recommendations, project objectives, timelines and an action plan.

 Once the plan has been approved, it will serve as a guide for the property management and operation for the calendar year. The plan will address all financial and physical objectives for the property.


Direction, supervision and training of the site staff will be put into place immediately as required upon approval of the owner.


Once a new contract has been awarded, it is our practice to solicit bids from pre-qualified contractors. Costs are examined, not only as they apply to the site, but also in respect to local industry standards. Belvoir’s objective is to maintain and enhance the owner’s equity in the property.


As part of our detailed management plan we set out a leasing strategy for leasing vacant areas. Our leasing plan will outline prices, terms and space available. We will coordinate leasing proposals from specialists in the area, leasehold improvement allowances and if required, leasehold inducements.


Net cash flows are maximized by close management and control of
income and expenses.

Our annual management plan details the financial parameters for the
operation of the property. The results are reconciled to the plan on a
monthly and year-to-date basis. All variances are analyzed and reported
to the owner. Appropriate response measures are immediately followed 


Monthly reports are submitted to the owner including a financial report
and a narrative outlining such items as the leasing activity, rental
collections, physical matters affecting day to day operations and all other
matters material to the owner.


Among other additional related services offered by Belvoir Property Services:

◦ Leasing
◦ Sales
◦ Property Tax Consulting
◦ Project Development
◦ Services/Tenant Coordination
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Investors Corner

“Return ‘of’ and Return ‘on’ Investment” or the “risk” versus “return” equation must be calculated in the evaluation of any investment including real estate.
The investor not only wants a good return on the capital employed but also normally seeks the security of obtaining the initial investment back at the end of the holding period or returned throughout the investment period.

The real estate sector has been an asset type that has provided both the security of capital retention, as well as the volatility of capital losses.  This paradox is a result of many factors, such as location, asset type, demographics and functional obsolescence.  One of the common elements is the wisdom of the asset acquisition and the expertise in the asset management.

Belvoir Property Services has an enviable track record, thanks to it’s expertise, market knowledge and ability to match the investment opportunity with the right balance of risk/reward to meet the particular investors criteria.

When the investor has a low tolerance for risk and is prepared to take a lower initial return for future consideration, the investment criteria is created to satisfy these parameters. With this criteria as the pre-requisite for the investment profile, the acquisition, action plan, is executed to satisfy these factors. We do not recommend acquisition until the appropriate target has been identified.

Other investors may be prepared to accept a higher risk for a more generous return.  In some cases both investment profiles will fit the same investment group who want a balanced portfolio.

In either case a thorough investigation must be analyzed during the due diligence period: aspects such as, location, physical appearance, functional design, structural, mechanical, and environmental integrity, as well as changing demographics, space requirements and future area plans.

Today’s value and cash flow should be bench marked against the future value and enhanced cash flow.  The ratio of capital cost (acquisition plus future cash calls) and cash flow must be compared to alternative investment vehicles available for the same risk/reward options.

We execute a detailed asset management plan to create wealth for our investors.

If you are a Real Estate investor, or if you have clients looking for an asset management group to acquire and manage commercial real estate in Leeds, Belvoir Property Services will find the investment opportunities that fit your predetermined investment criteria.

Call your investment counsellor about buying  property to rent Cebu or Belvoir Property Services direct.

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