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In January 2017 I started marketing property. It was scary at first because there was no one to help me, at all. It was so bad to feel all alone, I was promised the world and got nothing. I am sure this sounds familiar to you or someone you know.

But it made me determined to make a success of it and also when I have the opportunity to help and not abandon new people entering the business in order to uplift their income.

One month after I started marketing someone decided to buy a condo that I was marketing and YES, I sold my first property.

Wow that was an exciting day for me. I made PHP 110,000.

Can you imagine that? and the best part is that I never left my home.

This was a revelation, and I realized that all I had to do is to sell one property per month to have an extra-ordinary life, compared to my humble beginnings when I was selling soap to my friends for 100 pesos each.

Selling high-value items makes such a difference and the financial benefits are so HUGE compared to low ticket items.

Can you just imagine how bars of soap I would have to sell every month to make the same as selling one condo, and how many friends I would need?

At the end of 2017 I sold a huge condo and on 28th April 2018 I was presented with my commission which was a staggering 1.1M. YES over 1M pesos in commissions from one sale. If any one, 2 years ago had said that I would be earning this kind of money, I would have laughed at them.

This is me now, meeting extra-ordinary people like Mayor Paz from Lapu-Lapu City, and Jose Soberano III, the CEO of Cebu Landmasters. And enjoying the many corporate benefits like all the Christmas parties and Grand Opening ceremonies. It is certainly a different life for me now. What a difference a year can make!

So what was intended as a part-time job to provide a little extra income has become a full-time passion. So much so that I am now the franchise owner and this is my business.

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